Here are some of our YouTube videos ordered by playlist. If you'd like to see more videos visit our YouTube channel!

    What do you love about LODA?

    Some of our clients told us why they love our dance academy.

    What difference has LODA made in you/your child's life?

    What some our clients have to say on how Love of Dance Academy has impacted their lives.

    What would you like other people to know about LODA?

    Some of our clients sat down with us and told us what they want you to know about Love of Dance Academy.

    What differentiates LODA from other dance schools?

    Listen to what some of our clients have to say about what sets Love of Dance Academy apart from other dance schools.

    What do people have to say about LODA?

    A short compilation of snippets from our client interviews. Visit the testimonials page on our website for more @

    Short Promo Video - Art of Motion 2016

    Art of Motion Production hosted by Love of Dance Academy and iMove Academy. Perfect combination of modern/contemporary dance , Hip Hop and acrobatic dance :)

    Modern/Contemporary Dance to Habits

    This is what my morning looked like yesterday :)

    Advanced routine for back and shoulder flexibility.

    Quick routine I worked out to strengthen and stretch your back, shoulders and hamstrings.

    A Dance for Valentine's Day

    My own modern/contemporary choreography to Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding.

    A dedication - Heart wants what it wants (Selena Gomez)

    Hip Hop Choreography

    NoNoNo - Pumpin' Blood - Contemporary choreography

    Choreography by Love of Dance Academy - we are based in Pretoria, South Africa.

    Contemporary Choreography by a 3 year old!

    Another video of one of my 3 year old's who love to dance - not only in class, but also at home! Here she is enjoying the freedom of movement, being creative and letting go :)

    Raving @ home

    One of my 3 year old's having some fun at home! I love seeing how they enjoy all styles of dance and music.

    2yrs 4months Contemporary Dancing

    One of my student's younger sister trying to copy this year's show DVD in their living room. I love inspiring these little ones to express themselves through dance :)

    Yoga fails :)

    A compilation of the many times we failed before getting our tricky yoga poses just right! Enjoy :p

    Danny-B & I Yoga Stills Compilation Video

    Yoga Pose Compilation