My name is Nicola, but everyone calls me Nicci - which suits me well as I only stand 1.55m tall. I would like to share my story with you as I believe in creating personal relationships with my clients.

I am in the third year of running Love of Dance Academy. We offer Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Stretching, Adult classes, Personal Training and Wedding Couple Classes. I chose this name as this is exactly what it is all about to me - the love of dance. My approach to running this business is very modern and professional - I believe this is one of the things that set me apart from most other dance schools. My focus is on allowing students to discover and grow their love of dance whilst having fun. There is a fine balance between creating brilliant dancers by focussing on technique yet not allowing that to overshadow the fun factor. Another important thing for me is to treat each student as an individual - not expecting the same from everyone, but rather allowing them to set their own goals. Unfortunately, I have some unpleasant memories of dance teachers who tried to push me too hard and who broke me down instead of building me up. This has reinforced my decision to follow this as a career path because I would like to change the negative stigma surrounding many dance teachers. My aim is to share my love of dance with as many as possible and to instil confidence as well as self-acceptance.

Ever since I can remember I have been tapping my feet, bopping my head and swaying my hips to the rhythm. I started out with modern dancing at the age of 6 and continued onto hip hop a few years later. I have a love and passion for both of these styles and when asked which is my favourite, I simply answer "Both". I will never forget the first time I walked on stage and felt completely at home. I would love for every child to experience the same sense of freedom, safety and self-confidence that I felt (and definitely still feel) when dancing. I have many fond memories of dancing - in shows, primary school revues, high school revues, school plays and productions such as Mnr. En Mej. Waterkloof. Whenever and wherever there was an opportunity to dance or to choreograph, I grabbed it with both hands.

At the age of 19 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. During this time, I used dance as a form of therapy. I still remember practicing in my hospital room during treatment. Dance has the ability to help us deal with difficult situations - it helps us to express that which we find difficult to express in words by providing a platform for our emotions. During this time I truly discovered and expanded my love of dance. I completed and passed my Modern Dance Associate Exam (final teacher's exam) two days after undergoing radioactive therapy. I continued onto my Hip Hop Associate Exams and completed it in 2013.

I began a class for children with Down syndrome at the beginning of 2016. I believe that dance can have the same therapeutic effects on others as it did for me - even if it is just a means of escaping from social pressure and feeling safe and free. It is our responsibility as young entrepreneurs to find a way of giving back - this is just the start for me.

I have five years of teaching experience. I taught dance classes at Genesis Lifestyle Centre in 2011 and assisted Carol Coetsee at Carol Coetsee School Of Modern Dance from 2012 until the end of 2013. Carol and I hosted two shows together in the Atterbury Theatre. I danced and choreographed in both of these shows:

  • Carol Coetsee & Nicci Louw Present Jazz Plus 2012
  • Carol Coetsee & Nicci Louw Present Jazz Plus 2013

By December 2013 I knew that the time has come for me to step out on my own and so I opened the doors to Love of Dance Academy in February 2014. It has been an unforgettable journey so far. In October 2015 I hosted Love of Dance Academy's first show in the Atterbury Theatre. We have also completed two very successful exam sessions boasting with a 100% pass rate and an average of 80%.

I have met and worked with the most wonderful people over these years that have now formed what I call my dance family. As I dance on this winding road - filled with success, hard work, growth and discovery - I would love for you and/or your child/children to join me.

All the best,

Love of Dance Academy's doors are open to new students throughout the entire year. Please click on the contact page to send us an email.