Love of Dance Academy aims to share, create and grow the love and passion that I have for dance with as many people as possible. Throughout my years of dancing and teaching others to dance, I have stumbled upon this as my purpose.


In a Nutshell

I would love to create an environment where people of all ages feel free to express themselves. The environment should feel safe, fun and non-judgemental. I always encourage students to concentrate on their own positives rather than negatives and to compliment others.

I teach my students to respect one another. I teach children to behave in class and I do not tollerate bullying - I believe if I teach children the right values in class, it will carry through to other areas of their lives. This ability to bring about positive change is what inspires me to do what I do.

I offer a wide variety of dance classes in the discipline of Modern and Hip Hop dance depending on age, gender and personal ability.